We save money for small and large businesses…

Why Us

The connectivity between consumers, small and large business has improved to the point that cloud computing is the wave of the future

The Solution

cBluesky comes ready to deliver in one easy configuration, that does not require the consumer to decide. “ Computer, Movies, Cable, Games and Support through the cloud to your internet”

“Compute is reached through our interface where ads are pushed unless you have a pay account”

Basic Plan




Small Business



Large Business



Cloud access will be accomplished though our browser tool where Targeted Marketing Ads will be exposed for the basic plan.
Advanced and Business plans will not receive Ads.


Device offers consumers and business complete mobility to the cloud. Security will be ensured using Blockchain.


Device provides local Television/Movies/Games/Chat
Device provides transparent access to cloud computing. For free through ads
Cloud system can size the computer at consumers request
Cloud system has the ability to share movies and games in your social network
Cloud system computer will never fail and force the user to purchase another system
Cloud system stores all your data and can be accessed anywhere
Cloud connects to television service and can be remotely controlled


Cloud system computer will never fail or need to be replaced
Cloud system stores all your data and can be accessed from anywhere
Cloud system allows super large computers to be configured and used as required saving significant hardware costs
Cloud system can be upgraded for the business storage and shared across the world
Cloud system can be idled to save money, and reactivated as needed
Cloud systems are connected to each other and share storage
Cloud systems see local network printers and peripherals Connected to cCenter (Local Device)

Our Team

Eric Dryden

  • Graduated College 1976 UEI FCC License
  • Traveled the world repairing computers to chip level
  • Started Dryden Computer Solutions building companies from ground up.
  • Developed cloud innovation technology for companies in US and Europe.
  • Director of US Innovation for large oil company
  • Led companies to the cloud with new innovation and developed patented technology I termed “Global Workspace” now owned by Amazon.